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Community Rules

1) posting icons is fine, however if you're posting more than three icons within an entry please place the other icons behind a cut. remember even in the time of high speed internet, some people are on dialup.

2) unless there's a very specific reason or you have the permission of the moderator (andbeloved) there should be no posting of quiz results and no promotion of other communities

3) if you'd like to share mp3s please do! if you don't have webspace or hosting for mp3s try using yousendit

4) if you have a suggestion or question then we're all ears and will do our best to address your concerns. however, we would ask you all to keep in mind that we are not here to babysit nor will we allow livejournal to take over our personal lives. if your suggestion involves something that will take a great deal of time or effort than by all means, suggest ways to implement it!

and last but not least...

5) use common sense and good judgement!

Any questions or problems? Contact the moderator (alfabettezoupe)!

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